The Seasons of Your Life

Sunflower seedlings, just three days after ger...

Sunflower seedlings, just three days after germination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have heard about using the phases of the moon to plant by:
First quarter – Prepare the ground and plant your seeds.
Second quarter – Cultivate, remove weeds that pop up, thin and nurture the seedlings.
Third quarter – Prune to encourage growth, remove spent blossoms, more thinning.
Fourth quarter – Harvest, prune to get rid of unwanted growth, prepare bed for winter.

Consider each year of your life to have these four quarters.  The period comprising your birthday through the next three months is a great time to initiate projects that will run for a year.  Prepare your “soil” for this project: Line up the people to help you, create partnerships and relationships, plot your outline, list all the steps you must to do achieve the final results you’re seeking from doing this thing.

Months 4-6 after your birthday is the time when you’re heavily involved bringing your project to life.  You cull out the unnecessary and add measured amounts of fertilizer or leavening (if you’re a cook) or other infusion of inspiration and hard work.  You protect your nascent project from naysayers, bad vibes, and your own typical negative self-talk.  You want only great energy surrounding these tiny seedlings of growth.

Months 7-9 after your birthday is when you look to see where the optimal growth is occurring, and you prune or trim as needed to make it blossom even more.  You remove (or “deadhead”) fruits or results that have run their course, and you do more thinning as required.  This is a little like the second phase but more intense because the seedlings have hardened and are not as fragile.

Months 10-12 after your birthday is when you wind up this year’s project, debrief on what did and didn’t work, removed all the dead vines (however that fits in your project’s context), and prepare yourself for the next year’s project.

Those of you with many ideas and projects lined up in your life may find this helpful so that you can focus on ONE THING.  Multitasking is a myth and just leads to diffusion of your energy so that you don’t really get anything major accomplished.  Decide what’s most important or what you wish to bring into the world as your creation first.  Choose what you will do next year and the following three (this is your 5-year plan).  But this year is the major one.  For you, it may be the hardest project to launch.  Put all your energy and focus on this one.  The projects for the following years will be that much easier, and you will have gotten much experience from doing the hardest one first.

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