February 10, 2016 Power Minute

Hi, Everyone, it’s Viki again from 12 Signs of Power and welcome to your Power Minute for February 10, 2016.


OK, right now, Saturn is in Sagittarius. This is kind of an interesting place because Saturn is the Great Constrictor, the great disciplinarian, the planet that helps you get organized and analytical, and Sagittarius is the hippie child of the Zodiac. It’s free-wheeling and it’s out there, and put the two together and anything can happen. So, here’s the thing: if you’ve been orderly and disciplined and maybe even a little uptight or boring, this is your chance to let your hair down and cut loose a little. If, on the other hand you’ve been a little profligate and crazy and wild and out there, here’s a chance for you to actually start to put some sense and adulthood and orderliness into your life.

Hope this helps, and we’ll see you tomorrow.