February 11, 2016 Power Minute

Hello Everyone, it’s Viki again from 12 Signs of Power and welcome to your Power Minute for February 11, 2016.

Right now, the sun’s in Aquarius. That means the sun is in the sign of Aquarius if your are born today or any time around now between now and the 18th of February. So, that means that you’re a fixed sign, and there are three other fixed signs, one for each element – earth, fire, water, and air. We have Taurus and Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius. Being fixed means that you are determined and persistent. You see things through. That’s why people say that you’re bull-headed or stubborn, but it’s a really good trait to have. It keeps you going, and you’re focused. So, it also means you do slow burn to get angry and then it takes you awhile to get unangry, so think about that when you’re dealing with other people. Maybe something that will help you there. See you tomorrow!