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Thanks for visiting!  My primary focus is to give you practical information about how planetary energy can improve your relationships and your success in life.

When and where you were born play a huge part of who you are – your strengths, weaknesses, your preferences, the things you love and who you get along with.

Understanding these patterns in your life can help you overcome your obstacles, find your true mission in life, make long-lasting relationships, and have more of what you really want.

I am here to help you understand those things in a practical way – not to teach you astrology!


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Viki Christensen

Viki Christensen has been studying astrology since 1968, when she began reading about the lives of composers and conductors.  In 1970, she moved to California and started to work with an astrologer to study all kinds of people.

As a lifelong musician, she has a gift for pattern recognition and remembering numbers and dates. However, it was during a trip to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, that she found another gift.  Viki discovered that Johannes Brahms – her favorite composer – and Johnny Unitas – legendary player for the Baltimore Colts – were born on the same day exactly 100 years apart.  This got her thinking about other luminaries with same birthdays, and the premise of this site, her videos, and the book was born.

Viki’s purpose in writing this book and posting her blogs and videos is to help people understand the astrological forces at work in relationships.  As an avid people observer, she has been able to uncover patterns the understanding of which can vastly improve communication between people.

Click HERE to view Viki’s profile on LinkedIn.  Click HERE to view Viki’s brochure (PDF for download).  Click HERE to see Viki on YouTube.

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